The Mind behind

We innovate online courses to the nth level, with only perfection in our mind. We don’t settle for mediocre and imperfect courses that give results only for the creator.

The online course junkie behind this all

My name is Juha Ekman. I like to think of myself as an addict when it comes to learning, studying, taking online courses, and digesting new information all the time.

My mission here is to provide ALL the needed resources, guides, and the steps you need to build your online course to the nth level. Student results, helping people, success. These are all part of experience we are thriving for. You and me.

If you want empowerment, guidance, insights and innovative ways to build your online course. My site is the best one for you. If you care about your students and getting them results. We are for you.

I believe in personal development and how you can become something more than you already are. How you can achieve more than what your surrounding shows you. You can be more and I’m here with you to build your online course to success.

"Don't just create it, master it"

Battle of passion and hobby

The very first website and online business that I created was based on passion and hobby., which is also the name of my company, was based on my passion for digital art. It started as an art blog, and soon, I was creating digital products and eventually, online courses.

While the business model itself is solid and generating sales monthly and even pretty consistently, I noticed that doing art and making money from it wasn’t the thing I wanted to do.

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5XB Podcast

This is my podcast on building an online business and documenting the journey to success. Online business building, online courses, personal development, podcasting, money, marketing, email funnels, strategies, fundamentals of business, and especially mindset.

It's all about innovation and creating the best online course possible

I see so many people creating online courses on the whim. Just creating something for the market. They are in pain, and something has to be created. So what if no one gets any real results. Then we see how online course sales are not happening, and the seed of disbelief is planted. Can I sell online courses after all? YES, you can, but the usual route of selling an online course is not working anymore. The create it and forget it route is not working anymore.

You need to step up your game and realize that the industry is moving fast forward and without innovation as part of your plan. You might not ever achieve the life you are looking to achieve.

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We use cookies!