Gumroad Review – My Experience And Results

Gumroad Review – My Experience And Results

In this post, I’m going to be sharing my thoughts and experience using Gumroad as a selling platform for my digital products.

I’ve been using Gumroad successfully for a few years already, and a quick summary would be that Gumroad is very good to a certain extent. It’s awesome for selling digital products but for example, hosting an online course is better to do somewhere else.

If you are planning on selling individual digital products, then Gumroad is a superb option, and I can recommend the platform wholeheartedly.

This post will cover the following topics:

  • What is Gumroad?
  • Different digital product types you can sell on Gumroad
  • File protection
  • How to start selling on Gumroad?
    • My results
  • Integrations
  • Reporting and analytics

What is Gumroad?

Gumroad is an eCommerce platform for selling digital products, memberships, online courses, physical products, and subscriptions.

Gumroad is exceptionally flexible in what it can do. It has a lot of features for eCommerce owners, and you can create a viable business using Gumroad.

Maybe the biggest benefit of using Gumroad is the fact that it’s free and that Gumroad handles the billing and invoicing. What’s left for you is selling your products and expertise really. Or like Gumroad put’s it:

Gumroad helps creators do more of what they love

Different digital product types you can sell on Gumroad

As mentioned before Gumroad is an extremely flexible eCommerce platform, and the things you can sell on Gumroad are varied.

Below is a list of the things you can sell on Gumroad:

  • Digital product
  • Subscription
  • Pre-order
  • Membership
  • Physical product
  • Consultation/Coaching (with some limitation, read more here)
  • Anything else (URL)

And when we think about digital products, it can be pretty much anything you can create in digital format. Music files, Photoshop documents, videos, eBooks, online courses, zip-files, etc.

I sell digital products and an online course in my Gumroad account and even though the platform is not the best for online courses. The fact that Gumroad takes care of the invoicing etc. makes selling these items straightforward and automatic.

I have an eBook, online course, and digital products on sale, and every single one of the items brings me passive income every month. 

File protection in Gumroad

File protection is one of the key elements in online business. Just so you can avoid misusage of your hard-created material. Luckily this has been covered pretty nicely in Gumroad.

Gumroad offers you the option to email stamp your eBooks and also enables you to prevent video downloads. Surely there are always ways people can take advantage of your content. But it doesn’t hurt to have some kind of protection for your content. 

How to start selling on Gumroad?

You can start selling your products and services on Gumroad by visiting their homepage and creating an account for yourself. Only email and password are needed from you. And as the service is free to use, you can quickly check it out and see if it’s for you.

Selling on Gumroad is pretty easy. You can start the product creation by selecting Products from the top of the page and then selecting ‘Add a product.’

Then you select the best option for you and proceed from there. You upload your materials to Gumroad and when you have written the product description and everything. Select publish, and you are ready to sell your product.


In the options part, you can create discount codes, variants, and license keys.

These options are handy when you want to create a sale campaign and want to offer a discount to your audience.

Purchase flow

In the purchase flow, you can further customize and optimize the product benefits and features. 

I have, for example, added ‘additional details’ to make the product more enticing and to show what the online course is like. What format it’s in and so on.

These some detail here and there, make the product look more complete and offers the potential customer assurance on what he/she is getting.

You can also affect what will be said in the receipt and what fields are required to be filled when buying the product.


With the share option, you can place, for example, a purchase button to your website. So you are not relying only on selling directly from Gumroad. You can sell the products on your site too.

Selling Gumroad products from your website

I’m selling my products through my website and the way I do it is using a WordPress site with Elementor Pro page builder. With this combination, you can easily (with some learning – no coding required though) built amazing sales pages and add the Gumroad product link directly to your site.

What I did above was that I added a Gumroad script (to activate a quick checkout process) with the page builder (super easy to do) and that’s it.

The enroll course button has the product link:

The enroll course button has the link attached

That’s all. If this seems complicated, I can assure you that this isn’t so complicated. But you do have to have the right tools. Elementor Pro page builder is super intuitive to use and without I wouldn’t be able to run my WordPress sites as professionally as I now can.

With all said and done. It’s time to start selling and below are some of my digital product sales and results.

Gumroad online course sales


When it comes to integrations and getting Gumroad to work with other platforms and systems. It’s somewhat limited.

While there’s a nice selection of integrations such as Zapier, ConvertKit (my favorite), Infusionsoft (now known as Keap), IFTTT, Dropr, etc.

It’s still somewhat of a small list you can choose from. However, I was lucky that ConvertKit is there as I like to use them to deliver my emails.

All in all, integrations are limited, and when creating your business, you want to weight the options available to you. 

I use ConvertKit with Gumroad, and it has worked for me.

Reporting and analytics

Reporting in Gumroad is pretty basic but can give you just enough to see if your courses and products have been watched and downloaded.

If you are creating an online course, Gumroad might not be the best option for you, but then again, it’s still an option. But from the reporting perspective, it might not give you the ability to improve your online course if you don’t get in-depth reports on the customers’ journey.

Analytics are quite nicely covered. You can attach your Google Analytics tracking ID to Gumroad to get data from your store.

You can also add Facebook pixel and other third-party tracking code to your Gumroad profile and see how your Facebook ads are working. 

So I think the reporting and analytics are pretty nicely covered and executed. It’s also pretty simple to set up your store to function with the different analytics and third-parties.

A final note

Gumroad is a solid eCommerce platform that has a lot to offer for someone wanting to get into a digital product business. Gumroad is free to use and offers a rather wide selection of forms to sell your product.

Subscription service, memberships, digital products, physical products, etc. are some of the options you can choose from. And when you sell a product or service, Gumroad handles the invoicing and billing. So you don’t have to worry about fraudulent credit cards or refunds even.

Where Gumroad is a bit limited, is the integration part. While there are good options, it’s probably the most significant disadvantage Gumroad has. ConvertKit is the email service provider I use, so it was a pleasant surprise for me, that Gumroad had it covered.

Reporting and analytics, while a little basic. It still manages to give you some information to further study how you can improve your products. And what part of the product is working and what isn’t. 

After everything, I can say that I’m happy with the platform and continue to sell my products and services through it. However, future online courses will be based on a platform like Thinkific, Kajabi, or Teachable. 

But when it comes to purely digital products and downloads, Gumroad is still my choice.

Juha Ekman

Hi there, I’m Juha Ekman. A few years ago, I started my online business selling online courses and digital products. Ever since then, I’ve been obsessed with learning, especially learning marketing, sales, and everything about passive income. It’s been quite a ride, and there has been a lot of ups and downs along the way. This is the site where I share everything I’ve learned.