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How Often Does Udemy Have Sales?

Udemy is an online learning platform where people can find and access a huge range of courses. With everything from finance to language and video editing to beauty, there is a course for pretty much anything.

Udemy has sales roughly 9 times a year. Most of the sales occur at the beginning and at the end of the year. Valentine’s day offer and black Friday offers are one of the many sales Udemy offers throughout the year. 

Udemy offers over 100,000 courses, and the price for these is often very reasonable. However, many times, one will enter the Udemy website to be confronted by offer after offer. 

Is Udemy always on sale, or are there regular yet intermittent sales? In this article, we will take a look into what sales Udemy offers and when you can access them.

In short, the company, Udemy, always has some sort of active offer on their courses, but they do have special events at different times of the year in order to promote their product even further. For example, they will offer further discounts for Cyber Monday and at the start of each year.

A little bit about Udemy


Before we go into the details behind the sales, you may find it useful to learn a little bit more about Udemy and what exactly it is that they do. 

Udemy is a portmanteau of the words you and academy and is a learning platform that is based online and uses online course material as well as online instructors. 

The company offer a massive range of courses suited to a huge variety of learning needs, and currently offers these course in over 60 different languages, making learning accessible to you wherever you are from in the world.

The company was started in 2009 by a man called Gregg Coccari and currently serves over 40 million students worldwide. Learning online has become hugely popular in recent years due to the fact that many people live busy lives and would like the option to work their studies around their current job or their family life. 

With the cost of university education skyrocketing, a lot of people find that they simply do not have the funding for such education and so opt for something like Udemy to achieve an education at a much lower cost.

Are Udemy courses always on sale?

More often than not, when you log onto the Udemy website, you will see courses offered at a value way below their RRP (Recommended Retail Price), for example, it is not unusual to find a $200 course being offered for as much as ten percent of that price. But why is this?

There is some evidence to suggest that Udemy’s algorithm actually discounts everything to a brand new user, for example, if you were to visit the website for the first time, you would see all prices on all courses reduced to sometimes as little as just $10! But how would the company ever make any profit by offering their courses at such a low price?

The answer is simple, once a new user signs up for one of these heavily discounted courses, the prices then go back up, but Udemy will regularly contact the now signed up user with further, more personal offers that encourage them to invest more into other courses.

One major benefit to this knowledge is that any user signed up or otherwise can, in fact, access the discounted courses at any time by simply logging onto the site with a different computer or through a private browser. Clearing your cookies within your regular browser will also bring up the sale when you next visit the website.

What type of courses will be on sale?

As we mentioned previously, when you first access the Udemy website, all of the courses would be on some sort of offer or in some sort of sale, there is no definition by course type during these sales and anything you would like access to can be found in these sales.

However, during the various different annual events, like the Black Friday sale, for example, there are a handful of courses that will not be available because the course instructor has the choice to opt-out of the sale, although this is rare, it does happen.


What is Udemy gaining from constantly having a sale?

You might think that a company that is continuously putting their products on sale is never going to make a profit. It just doesn’t seem to make any sense, but there is a logical reason that these courses are always on offer.

If a company were to offer the same selection of courses as Udemy does, but at a much higher cost, it would be likely that fewer people would purchase courses from them. 

But when a business like Udemy gives this immense range of courses at a very affordable price, they are much more likely to gain many more customers and website traffic, too, meaning that they sell a whole lot more courses and in turn, make an excellent profit. 

This information is backed up by the fact that Udemy currently has over forty million users and counting, and if each of those users brought a $10 course each, that is a total of $40 million already.

In addition to this clever marketing technique, Udemy will constantly keep in touch with its users throughout the year with emails of special offers and discounts, further encouraging them to buy courses.

When does Udemy have sales?

We have already talked about the many different events that happen throughout the year, causing Udemy to have yet another sale, but if you wanted to full list of their official sale dates and what they are for, here it is.

  • New Year Sale-Held in January
  • Flash sale for 3 days-Held in January
  • Valentines day sale-Held in February
  • Buy more, save more (the more courses you purchase, the more money you will save)-Held in March
  • Mothers Day sale (USA)-Held in May
  • Back to school sale-Held in August
  • Black Friday sale-Held in November
  • Cyber Monday sale-Held in November
  • Christmas season sale-Held in December

If you are an existing user of Udemy and you do not want to wait for these annual event sales to come around, you will definitely find a whole host of offers flooding into your email inbox on a regular basis. 

As we have already mentioned, you can also clear your browser cookies or use a private tab to see the new user sales once again.

What kind of discount can you get from the Udemy sales?

When looking at the annual event sales, there may be a different percentage discounted depending on the event. 

For example, Udemy’s Cyber Monday event is offering up to 95% off all courses, however on viewing the website you may notice discounts of around 50%, which is still nothing to turn your nose up at. 


During this type of sale, you will often find that most courses will be offered at $9.99.

When you first access the website and are introduced to the new user sales, the price can sometimes be as little as $10 for a course that would usually cost ten times that amount. 

This is a very attractive price for someone who is just being introduced to the website and, as we mentioned earlier, a very good sales technique.

In most cases, the price that you will pay for your Udemy course will be heavily discounted, and you will never pay anywhere near the recommended retail price of the course.

When will the next Udemy sale be held?

If you are a new user on Udemy, you will be able to access a sale right away by simply clicking onto their website to be offered the new user prices on all courses, so it is well worth taking advantage of this offer and stocking up on all of the courses you wish to buy.

If you are already a Udemy user, you can, of course, access those new user prices once again by using the techniques we have already talked about, which are;

  • clear your browser cookies
  • use a private/incognito tab on your browser
  • use a different computer

It is also worth noting that if you are going to access the new user discounts this way that you should use a different email address to sign up with than the one you originally used; otherwise, the prices will not apply.

To see when the next annual event sale will be held, just take a look at the list above. As you can see, there are plenty of events held throughout the year, which will see the course prices drop dramatically.

Should I wait for a Udemy sale to buy one of their courses?

The short answer to this question is no. As we have talked about, the website offers great discounts to new users that can also be accessed by existing users and so there is no real point in waiting for one of the annual event sales to begin when discounts can be found all year round.


We have learned today that no matter what time of year it is or how long if ever you have been using Udemy, that you will have access to some sort of sale at all times. 

With the cost of “formal” education being as high as it currently is, it is well worth looking for a course that would suit your needs on a website that offers such affordable deals.

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