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10 Strategies To Promote Your Business On Pinterest

How to use Pinterest to promote your business

You might be wondering how you can tap into Pinterest and how to promote your business on Pinterest. I’ve collected ten strategies that will get you started with Pinterest.

These strategies are a bit advanced, so if you are not familiar, what is Pinterest or even how to use it. You might want to get familiar with the platform first and then get back to this article.

Pinterest is mistakenly considered a social media platform when, in fact, it’s more of a search engine. These strategies are based on the fact that users search inspiration, ideas, products, and services from Pinterest, and so we focus on those things in this article.

10 Strategies on how you can promote your business on Pinterest

  1. Pinterest content strategy
  2. SEO (Search engine optimize) your Pinterest boards 
  3. SEO your Pinterest pins
  4. SEO your Pinterest profile
  5. Using 3rd party services for automation
  6. Follow the Pinterest best practices
  7. Use rich pins when possible
  8. Use Pinterest Analytics
  9. Use Pinterest ads
  10. Use Pinterest shop the look pins

1 Pinterest content strategy

There are roughly 300 million monthly active users on Pinterest. 215 million of those are international users, and the rest are U.S based users. Currently, 70% of users are female.

In 2019 home decor, DIY and crafts, education, entertainment, and art (in that order) were the most popular categories on Pinterest.

Based on these facts, it’s easy to say that Pinterest is a fantastic place to promote your content if you fall into one of the five mentioned categories.

Home decor is huge on Pinterest, and no wonder, people like to watch beautiful decorations and pick ideas for decorating their home.

Also, education and art are at a high spot when it comes to interests. Education especially falls to the blogging scene, and many bloggers around the world are creating pins/images to be pinned and shared through Pinterest.

When you are thinking of creating a content strategy for Pinterest. Remember the current demographics and the top categories. This information alone will give you a running start to Pinterest domination.

2 SEO (Search engine optimize) your Pinterest boards

So many misunderstand the main point of Pinterest. It may have started as a social media platform. But if you think about it. Pinterest has no real social element built into it. Yes, you can follow people and get followers. But you can’t really interact with people the same way you can on Facebook.

So, in reality, Pinterest is a search engine more than anything else. And for that reason, we have to focus on SEO and to get those followers to our boards.

You do that by having the right SEO for your boards.


Pinterest boards

Rather than telling you all about how to create boards and how to change the image and all those things (things you can relatively quickly figure out yourself). We focus on board optimization.

First, you have to describe what your board is all about. Use one to two sentences for this. Then you want to populate the rest of the characters you have left with keywords.

Keywords are words that users type into Pinterest’s search bar to search for things.

Use keywords that describe your board the best. Using keywords like knitting on a board that is solely about budgeting and money. Isn’t probably the best idea.

So use keywords that are relevant to your board and make the characters count.

3 SEO (Search engine optimize) your Pinterest pins

As with Pinterest boards, the same goes with your pins. Pins are basically images that you publish or post to Pinterest.

You pin your images to the boards mentioned before. So having your Pinterest boards optimized is crucial, but so is your pins descriptions.

Shortly describe what your pin is about or explain what is behind the pin (when someone clicks the link associated with the pin). Then populate the rest of the description field with relevant keywords. 

Remember, Pinterest is a search engine, so keywords really matter. Keywords help people find your boards and pins.

If for example, you create an educational blog post about fall 2020 fashion trends. You would like to use an image that has something related to clothes and a text related to your blog post. You could use the same headline that your blog post has, for example.

4 SEO (Search engine optimize) your Pinterest profile

Now, there are a lot of people who just optimize their pins and boards, but it’s also useful to optimize your profile.

Instead of just stating your name or something related to you or your company name. You can actually populate your profile with keywords that are relevant to the products or services you provide. When users search for things on Pinterest, there’s an option to search for people too. 

Having keywords in your name, you have a chance to show up in someone’s search results.

5 Using 3rd party services for automation

Now it would be a real burden to do the pinning by using Pinterest’s own system to publish pins to your boards.

Luckily you have an option to use an official 3rd party service called Tailwind. Tailwind is a scheduling and publishing service that started with Pinterest and is now already expanded to handle Instagram scheduling too.

Tailwind is my preferred tool when it comes to scheduling pins to your Pinterest profile. Tailwind also enables you to schedule pins from other users boards, and it also has a feature called smart loop. Which is super useful when you want to schedule your posts in automation and recurringly.

Tailwind is priced around $9.99/month (billed annually), which is, in my opinion, a reasonable price. Considering the amount of time you can save by using the scheduler.

Automation and scheduling in a loop is a lifesaver when you want to scale things on Pinterest.

6 Follow the Pinterest best practices

While it would be nice to go with the flow and do things your own way. It’s crucial to know what are the few guidelines Pinterest recommends to keep in mind when using their service.

#1 Image size

Currently, Pinterest recommends users to use 2:3 (for example, 600 x 900px) dimensioned images when creating pins. This recommendation comes from the fact of making your home feed (smart feed) easy to read and scroll through. If you go over these dimensions, the pin may be truncated.

#2 Make your brand shine

Pinterest recommends you to promote your brand by placing your product or service at the front and center. Try to avoid using abstract or lifestyle imagery (posing with lambos) that doesn’t showcase your brand the best way. 

#3 Context

As Pinterest is about images, make sure the image helps people understand what your pin is all about. People do click the pins and click-through to your content to learn more. So if the image and the content behind are not the same. It’s a no-go practice.

#4 Showcase your logo

Around 3% of pins are branded. So add your logo to the pin to make it stand out as a professional service or product. It’s suggested that you keep the logo subtle and avoid the lower right corner (since there will be Pinterest product icons).

#5 Using text overlay on pins

Where Pinterest differs from Facebook is that it’s somewhat recommended to add text to your images/pins (especially when you Pinterest to promote your business). By adding text to your pins, you can tell more what the pin is all about if the image wasn’t already giving that away. Text overlays work well as it improves the click-throughs as people know what they will get when clicking your pin and viewing your content through the pin.

7 Use rich pins when possible

What are rich pins?

Rich pins are pins that show more context about the content behind the pin. That extra information is directly available in the pin. 

There are four types of rich pins

  1. App
  2. Product
  3. Recipe
  4. Article.


If you have an app available in the Apple app store, you can create a pin that has an install button directly inserted to it. This way, people can download your app without leaving Pinterest.


Product-based pins show the real-time pricing of your product and where to buy it. Making the customers decision to purchase your product or service that much easier.


Rich pins make the recipe pins include the ingredients, cooking time, serving size, etc. that you used to cook that delicious dish that you are showing in your pin.


Article pins help users save stories that made an impact on them. Each article pin shows the headline, the source of your pin and the story as a description.

You can apply for rich pins via this link.

Rich pins are added to your site once, and then the rich pins will work for your whole site. So you only do the validation process once.

8 Use Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest offers you analytics in the same way as Facebook offers you audience insights. While Pinterest’s data is not yet as comprehensive as Facebook’s data is. It still provides you enough information to create your content strategy and business decisions inside the platform.

With every platform out there, it’s crucial to know what type of people use the site, what are the demographics, categories, interests, location, and device they use.

All this information is then used to plan your Pinterest strategy for your business.

There are four main topics to check from Pinterest:

  • Demographics
  • Categories and interests
  • Location
  • Device

Demographics in Pinterest

While the majority of users in Pinterest are female. There’s a growing trend of men joining the platform to utilize the power of Pinterest to drive traffic to their services, products, and content in general.

When you are planning on promoting your business on Pinterest, remember that most the users are female, and most of them are young.

Categories and interests

As mentioned before, in the content strategy part of this post. The top 5 categories in Pinterest are:

  1. Home decor
  2. Diy and crafts
  3. Education
  4. Entertainment
  5. Art 

When creating and promoting your content. These are the top categories and interests that are currently having the top spots.


This can be accessed from your own audience insights, and the graph will be populated by your decisions on the platform. Currently, the chart shows that the majority of my audience is based in the U.S.

This information will slowly build for you when you use the platform to promote your content.


Around 70-80% of users use Pinterest via mobile. Android and iPhone have the top places. So when you are promoting your business in Pinterest, take the fact into consideration that mobile purchases are not yet the mainstream way of buying stuff. 

You can promote your products and services using Pinterest ads and target only web users to reach those desktop users more effectively.

Use Pinterest ads to promote your business

Pinterest ads are relatively new on Pinterest, and you can experience that by not having so vast features and options available to you as in Facebook, for example. Also, the userbase is significantly lower than on Facebook. 

But these platforms act differently and should not be directly compared against each other. 

Facebook is a social media platform, and Pinterest is a search engine more than a social media platform.

As you can see from the image below. The Envato service is promoting their content, and it looks slightly different than the other pins by having an arrow and promoted by information attached to it.

There are so far five different campaign modes you select to promote your business:

  1. Brand awareness
  2. Video views
  3. Traffic
  4. App install
  5. Conversions

The campaign pretty much works the same as in Facebook ad manager. Pinterest still lacks that highly targeted features that Facebook offers you. However, what you can take advantage of is that the ad platform is new and so the costs of showing your ad are also low.

It might not be a long time before the platform is filled with new digital marketing agencies, and feed space for organic pin visibility will get limited. However, the way Pinterest has organized the pins and the size guide and all. There’s a lot of space to be filled, especially on the desktop version.

Use Pinterest shop the look pins

This is a feature on Pinterest that is highly suitable for fashion and home decor products. 

People can find and buy your products right through the Pinterest app. Shop the look pins have white dots placed in the top of the pin that calls out different parts of the image for a closer look.

For example, if you have a fashion image where a woman is wearing, skirt, hat, purse, etc. You can sell each of those items by having a white dot placed on top of the clothes and accessories.

When the customer is ready to buy from you, they can just click through the Pinterest app and buy your products right there and then.

This feature is not only limited to the Pinterest app and mobile. You can also use this feature on Pinterest’s website too. 

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