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Pinterest Statistics For Online Businesses [2019]

While Pinterest is not the most popular social media platform among online users. Facebook and Instagram holding the top spots, it’s still a platform to consider when doing social media marketing.

Where Pinterest differentiates itself is that it’s a visual search engine, whereas Facebook and Instagram are places of “socializing.”

Pinterest is kind of a social media channel, but in reality, it’s more of a search engine like Youtube and Google.

Pinterest uses so-called pins “images” to provide results for users. Google provides articles, and YouTube provides videos. So from this perspective, Pinterest is covering the search for images, creating itself a spot in the search engine ecosystem.

When it comes to statistics, it’s easy to say that the platform is constantly growing and evolving to become another marketing channel for online business owners and info product owners.

Below is a list of Pinterest statistics for you to think about when you are planning your content marketing strategies and next steps to grow your audience.

Pinterest statistics 2019

300MCurrent monthly active users on Pinterest
28%Of users are based in the U.S
72%Of users are international users
51%Of weekly Pinterest users use Pinterest to make a purchase decision
64%Of Pinterest users find ideas, products or services from Pinterest
57%Of monthly users use Pinterest weekly
90%Weekly Pinterest users use Pinterest to make a purchase decision
83%Of 25-54 aged women in the U.S is reached by Pinterest
70%Of Pinterest users are female
50%Of new sign-ups were men in 2018
80%Of new sign-ups are international user
75%More pins were published in 2018 than in 2017
85%Of users use Pinterest on mobile
98%Of users go out and try the ideas they find on Pinterest
279%Increase in visual searches on Pinterest between years of 2017 and 2018
59%Of Millenials have discovered products on Pinterest
55%Of Pinterest users use Pinterest for product research
97%Of Pinterest searches are unbranded
$1Of ad spend averages $4.3 gross return on Pinterest
27%Of global marketers are using Pinterest for promotion
51%Of female Pinterest users have found new brands from Pinterest
14.2 minIs the average time spent on Pinterest
200+Billion pins are already published to Pinterest
2000Employees are working for Pinterest
2+Billion searches are done monthly
175+Billion pins saved
4+Billion Pinterest boards created so far
3rdMost relevant brand in the U.S according to Prophet Brand Relevance Index 2018
5%Of all referral traffic to websites comes from Pinterest

Pinterest demographics

Pinterest is a massive platform for content marketers, and it’s estimated that 80% of Pinterest users are female and around 20% of users are male

It has been studied that the percentage of male users is increasing and by the year 2022, there’s 70% of female and 30% male users using Pinterest monthly.

What can be identified from this growth is that the platform is maturing and soon the user demographics will be even further balanced to a 50/50 split between male and female users.

Pinterest users

Pinterest is used mostly by women, and while the platform attracts more men every year. It is still dominated by female users. 

The platform is used mainly through mobile phones, and there are roughly 300 million monthly active users on Pinterest

From those 300 million people, 215 million are international, and 85 million is U.S based users. 

2016 the platform had somewhat 128 MAU (monthly active users), and by the year 2019, there’s around 300 MAU. That’s a growth of 234% since 2016.

It’s estimated that the amount of U.S users on Pinterest will grow 121%, from 72 MAU to 87 MAU by the year 2022.

Thoughts on Pinterest

While Pinterest is still somewhat of a small platform considering the user base of Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. The platform is growing steadily and now that the IPO happened.

There’s a bigger focus on getting the ad revenue to the company. Which means more marketers are jumping on board and have started to promote their content through Pinterest.

Facebook is a very matured platform when it comes to targeting specific individuals and re-targeting potential customers with ads. Now, that Pinterest is getting to the same game, it’s only expected to grow as a company as more and more content marketers start to pump money to Pinterest ads.

That’s it!

These are the statistics for Pinterest marketers and content creators to use for future marketing strategies.

Pinterest has a lot of potential when it comes to content promotion, and now that ads are also an option, it’s expected to grow as a platform even further.

While the user base is still small compared to the other big players in the market. Pinterest differentiates itself from the other social media platforms by being more of a search engine than a social media platform. Just like YouTube. While considered social media platform, it’s also a powerful search engine.

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