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20+ Persuasive Sales Words And How To Use Them

Before I got into blogging, I disliked the idea of marketing. I thought marketing was all about getting more sales with an efficient marketing campaign.

Marketing can be seen as something of a sleazy way to make sales. However, what made all the difference for me was that it’s not sleazy when you are helping others.

When you are marketing your products and services, and you know that the thing you are selling will help your customer. Why wouldn’t you do everything in your power to get that sale?

Your customers will be happy when they receive something of value from you. Not selling that kind of service or a product is a disservice for your customer. It’s a disservice not to sell that product or service.

Your main job is to help your customer, not to scam or make a sale in a forced effort. Your service and product should be all about value for the customer.

When you provide value with your service and product, you make your customer happy, and that’s what you should go for.

So how can you increase your sales? I’ve collected 20+ words that are persuasive, powerful and can potentially increase your sales if used rightly.

20+ words you can use in your next marketing campaign and sales page to increase sales

  1. You
  2. Because
  3. Free
  4. Value
  5. Guaranteed
  6. Amazing/Incredible
  7. Easy
  8. Discover
  9. Huge/Massive
  10. Wealth/Make money
  11. More
  12. Bargain
  13. No obligations
  14. Safe
  15. Powerful
  16. Real results
  17. Secret
  18. Never
  19. Save
  20. New
  21. Instant
  22. Premium

Words. Copy. Message.

Above are the three things that are everything in marketing. What you are selling, why you are selling, and how your product and service is different.

Combining effective words to a powerful message will make your prospect to become a customer.

Below I will share some of the most persuasive and powerful words you can use in your sales message and copy that will possibly increase your sales.

These words are not something that when you use them, you will make a sale. It’s all about how you use them.

Let’s go through the words and how you can use them.

1. You

Same as with blogging you should use YOU words to direct the message to your customer and service. You make the message more of a conversation than anything else.

You make the viewer feel like you are talking directly to them. Not using general terms like we or us. It’s all about the customer, and he/she should feel like you are talking to him or her.

It’s always about the customer and the reader. It’s never about you.

As you are reading this. I’m using YOU word quite a lot as I’m talking to you and not to anyone else.

2. Because

With because word, you are directing customers attention to why and what the customer will get out of your service and product.

You have to make your customer interested in your products and services because they will get something awesome out of it. Because there’s a reason you have created the product and because you need to make that sale to grow your business.

You see, after because word there’s always the reason why.

Your customers need to take action and the ‘because’ word is an excellent way to make your customers feel like they need your service and products.

3. Free

You might not make a sale by giving your product for free. Free is free, and that won’t grow your business.

But as you and I know, it’s always an incentive to buy the full service or product after something has been given free.

Free things are always there to whet the appetite of your customers.

You give something free in exchange for trust or for the hope of getting a customer in the future.

You are in the value business and giving value for free in advance will pay back in the future.

Giving one part of your ecourse for free gives the customer ability to experience your service, and if he/she likes it, there’s a very high chance he/she will buy the whole course afterward.

Free products and services can build trust between you and your customer.

4. Value

Value is probably the most important thing you need to get right with your product and services.

You can always use the word value, but more importantly, the value should be something that customer will experience while reading your sales page.

A phrase like: “You get value in the form of…” might not be the best idea. However, if you present it in another way like: “FREE bonus $97 in value”. It gives a very different message.

This is an example from my own online course offering:

You are presenting something for free but put a value for the free bonus. You are valuing something to a set price but giving it for free, makes the customer extremely happy.

5. Guaranteed

Guarantees are something you should be very wary about. You give a guarantee for something and if such a thing happens that the guarantee you have given will not come true. You will lose your customers trust.

Guarantees should be used in such a way that you are 110% sure, your product and service will give the value and results your customer is looking for.

30-day money-back guarantee is pretty much a standard these days and as you read that kind of message. You will create trust.


30 day money back guarantee

Guarantees are always meant to create a trust for your service and product. Guarantees make the customer feel more confident with their purchase.

There’s a guarantee after all.

Making your readers feel like they can’t lose anything with the purchase but can gain immense value and results.

6. Amazing/Incredible

Promoting your service as amazing or incredible makes the customer feel like it’s something out of the ordinary. Something they haven’t experienced before.

Making it different from normal. Creating something that will change your customers’ world for the better.

Something amazing that they could not comprehend without your product and service.

You see, incredible and amazing are kind of power words that should be used lightly, so they don’t lose the power they have. Overuse them, and nothing feels amazing anymore.

7. Easy

Word easy tells your customer that your service and/or product is easy to use for example. You can use it to show your customer that it’s easy to acquire the product you are selling.

You can also promote how much easier ones’ life would be by using your services and products.

When the thing you are selling sounds easy all around, you feel like you want to know more about it. Who wouldn’t like to ease their lives a bit?

We have a lot of responsibilities and things to do.

Wouldn’t it be nice to hear someone say this thing will make your life easier? More pain-free.

Customers should feel like the thing you sell, gives them aid and relief to their life. It takes away pain from their life. Whether it’s the pain of losing money, the pain of growing their income, the pain of solving a problem.

8. Discover

By discovery, we gain new ground. By discovering something new, we expect to gain an advantage over something.

Discovery brings something new to the table. Something your customer hasn’t thought about before.

Something unknown that only you can show to them through your service and product.

You have discovered something that no one else has, and now you are willing to show them what you have discovered. What it is that gives your service and product that certain edge your customers are looking for.

9. Huge/Massive

You can easily use this word when you are promoting a sale and offering something huge and massive to make the customer jump on board with your offer.

Huge and massive are meant to emphasize the importance of an offering for example. You are giving a huge discount and when you say it is huge. The customer has to believe it is huge because it is you who is saying that.

Massive discounts are hard to resist, as they are so huge in size you just have to get them. Emphasize the size of something by adding a word that is meant to grow something bigger than normal.

10. Wealth/Make money

This is one of the most important things you need to say when you are selling a product or a service that has the potential for your customers to make money.

Think about it. What would be more important than showing your customers how they can make money and wealth with your product.

Adding make money or wealth to your sales page is a nice way of adding value to your service and products.

People like to make more money and if your product gives them that advantage over other products and services. You will probably win.

11. More

Offering more features, more value, more discount, more tools, more benefit with your thing makes the customer think that he/she gets more for less.

More is always something that is an added bonus or added value to an already awesome deal or sale.

You can also show that you are offering more than your competitors.

You have created a service that offers more than the person next door selling the exact same service.

You are offering more than anyone else, and you can show it on the sales page by referring to some known competitors of yours. Legally, of course.

Bonuses also act as something that conveys the idea of more.

12. Bargain

When there’s an offer that is too great to be missed, it becomes a bargain. Something you just can’t miss.

To my ears, a bargain is something of a steal. Like it’s too good to be missed. However, bargain as a word feels cheap on the other hand.

Instead of saying bargain, the customer should feel the word bargain. In a way where the word is formed for the customer, without the customer needing to say it.

You could hint the offer being as good as a bargain. Like a total steal. Keep in mind the possible association with the word cheap.

If we are talking about buying or selling a Ferrari for example. You most likely don’t get those at a bargain.

If one were to buy a pair of socks, you can easily use the word bargain.

Think of the context the word is used in. It makes all the difference.

13. No obligations

Who likes to get themselves to a situation of no return. I guess you don’t like those situations too much. Except in business of course. But if we are talking from the customers perspective. You need to give them space to move between commitment and bailing out.

Great offer and sale give the customer the feeling of being free to choose. If he/she doesn’t like what you offer and want a return for their money. Give them back their money.

This not the same as a guarantee. You guarantee results, but obligations are what makes your customers stick with you unwillingly.

There’s no reason to create such situations for your customers. If they love your products and services. They want to stick with you, and that should be your only goal anyway. Customer satisfaction.

14. Safe

People want to feel safe. Our biology makes our brain to keep us safe. We avoid danger like the plaque.

Making your customer feel safe with their purchase is crucial. You have to make sure the credit card is handled securely. The transaction process has to feel safe and secure.

You and I like to keep our money safe. You have earned it with hard work, so you want to keep it close to you and safe.

When the customer enters your sales page, he/she has to feel the page is legit and that they can trust. If the colors, typography, layout, and other elements are off, you will lose the deal.

An example from my online course sales page

Even if you say the word safe and secure payment. It won’t matter if everything else is off. Use the safe word in places where it’s effective. Payment processing is one of them.

You can also use a safe word when you are selling products that have something to do with mental and physical health. As mentioned before you need to feel safe and you need to make your customers feel the same way.

15. Powerful

Offering powerful results or saying that your product is powerful, gives the customer a sense of confidence towards the thing you are selling.

By buying from you, they get something that makes them powerful. Gives them power. You are selling something that is robust and gives phenomenal results.

It’s more than average; it’s more than stronger. It’s so good you have to say it’s powerful.

This kind of those words, which you should only mention a few times as it will lose it’s power if repeated throughout your sales message.

People want to feel strong and capable. By offering them solutions that bring them closer to that strength level they are seeking, you will make sales that much easier.

16. Real results

Showing before and after images is a strong proof of real results

Social proof is one of the biggest factors these days in sales. People are more and more inclined to hear from people like themselves, what was the experience or results they had with your product or service.

They don’t want to hear gained results from a celebrity. They want to hear it from someone that is more relatable. Someone that is at the same level as they are.

Showing and saying to your customers the real results people have with your product is crucial for higher sales.

The more proof you can show, the easier the sale will be. It’s rather logical if you think about it.

If I can show you results, others have had with my product and service. It’s more likely that you will also have the same results. The other person already had those results, so why can’t you have.

17. Secret

I personally like secrets. I like to keep secrets, hear them and I like to invent them. I just find them mysterious and powerful. I think I’m not the only one out there.

Whenever there’s a secret, I’m there listening to it. I want to know it. I’m just all over it.

Secrets are something that only you know. Only you have discovered and think of it as a secret. You have something that others don’t have, and it’s a secret.

I have secrets that I have developed and invented. Secret ways to make more sales, secrets to streamline the business. Secrets that make all the difference in sales.

Some of those secrets are learned, and some are combined with many different sources and are considered a new idea and a way to do things.

By combining secret to your service, you are offering something that others can’t provide. An insight that is not available anywhere else. You have spent time developing that secret, so it must be something precious.

Revealing that secret to your customers through your services is one of the best ways to generate sales and interest towards your offering.

The ‘secret’ word being used in an online course lesson

18. Never

As mentioned before, we avoid danger. We try to avoid pain and if you can say never to something that your customer feels is the pain point for them. You are securing a sale there.

Never lose money again. Never be fat again. Never is a strong word and implies something finite. Something that stops when they acquire your service and/or product.

Use the word carefully as you are making a promise to your customer. If you are not able to keep that promise, you lose trust. By losing trust, you will lose your business. At least a big part of it.

Never lose your customers trust as it’s one of the pillars that hold your company together.

Don’t make promises you can’t keep.

I personally like when a sales page says never to something. I get the feeling of ok; I will never have to deal with this thing again. The company has made a promise and if they can’t keep it. It’s time for a refund, or then I just won’t be buying from them ever again.

19. Save

As mentioned, you and I like to keep our money safe. If we are buying something, we like to think it’s an investment or that our hard-earned money goes to something that gives us value immediately or in the long run.

We can save money by getting an offer that is out of this world. We can save money by acting now when there’s a sale going on.

Saving money is always nice, and if your offer tells your customers that they will save money, they will be happy with their purchase decision.

Even if the saving would be minimal, it’s still a save. Whenever I save money by locking some great deal to myself. I feel good inside. I saved money as I acted fast and made the purchase decision.

I like sales and when there’s money to be saved. I’m in.

20. New

I always think of cars or tv’s when I see the word new. It’s just an association that is carved to my brain.

New represents something you and I haven’t seen before. It’s new and the latest you can offer to your customers.

When thinking about digital products and services, the word new doesn’t have the same effect as in the context of new vs. old car.

When something is new, it’s never before used. It’s never before seen. You are bringing something new to the market, and it should make your customers take notice, and thus you say it’s new.

21. Instant

If you are selling digital products. It’s a given that when you make a purchase, you are instantly given access to the material you just purchased.

Even though this is pretty standard in the online business. It doesn’t hurt to mention such a thing. People like to get instant access to the service or product they just acquired for themselves.

They don’t have to wait, and you can start serving your customers right away.

It creates an efficient business model and one that customers appreciate.

22. Premium

I like the premium. A premium for me is high quality, exclusive, deluxe and shiny, and feels expensive.

Premium presents top of the class product and service. It’s way better than normal and has better features and offering than what normal and free can provide.

It’s above standard and deserves the word premium for it’s higher quality.

You are taken care of in a way that makes you feel like a million-dollar.

Making your customers feel the benefit and quality of your service as something of a premium; you have done your job right.

A final note

Marketing is exciting when it’s done for the right reasons and with good intentions.

Marketing, sales, brand, message, words. All things affect the end result and the sales process.

Using the right words in the right places makes all the difference. Using too many times, certain words hinder the effect the word has on customers.

Placing keywords to parts which you want to emphasize makes your sales page and message that much better.

I once thought marketing to be something of a sleazy way of getting my money out of my pocket to businesses. That has changed completely. Marketing can be done in such a way where the customer doesn’t even realize he/she is being sold on.

There lies the beauty of good marketing and making sales. Make your customer feel like he/she has all the freedom in the world to choose from, only coming to the conclusion of seeing your product or service as the only choice.

Juha Ekman

Hi there, I’m Juha Ekman. A few years ago, I started my online business selling online courses and digital products. Ever since then, I’ve been obsessed with learning, especially learning marketing, sales, and everything about passive income. It’s been quite a ride, and there has been a lot of ups and downs along the way. This is the site where I share everything I’ve learned.