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Who Buys Online Courses? These People!

Wondering who on earth would buy an online course? This post will cover the types of people who would gladly buy an online course.

People who struggle with a particular thing or a topic would buy an online course. If a person wants to learn a new skill or change themselves someway or their life, an online course can be an efficient solution to that. People have desires, needs, and wants, and an online course can help to achieve some of those in a relatively short amount of time.

It has to be said that online courses do not suit everyone. Not everyone learns by taking an online course. The course itself is in digital form. Audio, video, text, and everything in between can be applied to a course.

But what should be remembered is that everyone learns differently. Not everyone can get results just by watching a video. People need different stimulants, and some people learn the best by printing out a sheet of paper and completing a worksheet that way.

Some people are auditive learners and like to listen to someone to learn. Some prefer to do hands-on work and learns that way the best.

So online courses do not work for everyone. However, in this post, we will cover the types of people who would buy an online course and sees the benefits in them.

It should be noted that the ones that do enroll in an online course are people who are comfortable using technology to gain information and knowledge. There are still people who like to learn by holding a book in their hands (I’m one of them).

Then again, I’m also an online course junkie and love online courses so much. Just to be clear on that.

Let’s go through the types of people who buy online courses.

People who want to learn a new skill

Ever wondered how to do something? How to create those lovely cupcakes, how to do a backflip with your skateboard, how to paint with watercolors?

All of these are skills. Skills that someone else figured out how to do. Skills that someone developed over the years and know everything there is to know about that subject or topic.

That is called mastery, and that mastery can be transferred to another person through an online course. 

There are plenty of people who would like to learn a new skill today. What could be seen as an obstacle is that they don’t know how or where to get that information.

So they rely on Google searches and if your course (assuming you have created one or are intending to create) happens to come up in the search results. There’s a good chance you will get a sale.

I, for example, teach artists how to draw professional looking line art:


I also sell other stuff related to art, but the above course is one of mine, and it’s a skill I have mastered over the years of drawing.

I only created the course once, and the ones who want to learn how to draw professional line art even as a beginner in digital art can pick up my course and learn the insights and secrets I’ve developed over the years.

Skills can be taught, and skills are what people like to learn.

What kind of skills do you have that you could turn into an online course and start selling to the ones needing that skill of yours?

People who want to change themselves or their life

Sometimes (and often), there’s a greater desire inside a person that drives them to the edge. Drives them to seek a change to their life.

This could be anything, really. One could want to leave their job, one could want to have a relationship, and one could wish to have a better looking and healthier body.

The change a person is seeking is usually something that is currently causing them a lot of pain. 

Let’s think about a person wanting to leave their current job and start their own business. Every morning that person goes to a job they hate, and every day feels like another day in misery.

That kind of situation in life creates desires, needs, and wants. A desire to live a better, more meaningful life. A need to have more freedom to do the things they want. A want to make life more fulfilling and stress-free.

As you can see, the situation is pretty painful, and when a person is in such a situation, every little glimmer of hope that a course can give makes them more eager to buy it to soothe the pain they have.

Another good example would be losing weight and getting that healthier body and self-image even.

It could be that a person would like to lose weight but just doesn’t know how to do it most effectively. They might be suffering from a bad diet and eating habits. It could be that they don’t exercise enough. 

Whatever the reason might be, there’s a demand for change and that demand can be covered with an online course.

A course that shows the person how to achieve what he/she is after. 

Changing life through an online course is possible, but it takes a lot of commitment from the student and a lot of hard work.

These life-changing courses can be found, and I would dare to say that Tony Robbins is one of those persons offering just that. Life-changing moments and experiences.

Example of Tony Robbins services

We all go through different experiences throughout our lives, and those experiences and struggles that you overcame can make an excellent topic for others to learn.

People who struggle with some specific thing

Sometimes the situation could be that there’s some specific issue or problem in your life that needs to be fixed. It’s usually smaller than those life-changing events, where everything needs to change for you to feel happy.

It could be that you need more information on yoga, or you would like to learn how to become a world-class chef. People have different dreams, and those dreams can be achieved with an online course.

Example from Rouxbe site on cooking courses

People have very specific needs and wants. It’s often adviced that you should niche down on your market and find a spot where it makes sense to sell an online course. Going too broad increases competition, and going too niche decreases sales.

When thinking of who would buy online courses, the real question is how many would have the specific struggle your course could solve (assuming you are creating or thinking of creating a course).

The real secret to selling an online course is to realize what kind of experiences and skills do you have that some other person could struggle with.

It’s about the pain that you are trying to take away from the customer. It’s that struggle that is creating the pain, and when a person sees an online course as the solution to get that pain away, that’s when the magic happens.

Magic, in this case, is the sale, and the magic for the customer being that the pain goes away.

Online courses are meant to solve a problem, take a pain point away. Change lives or teach a new skill or ability.

If that is accomplished, then it’s a win-win for both the creator and the student.

Juha Ekman

Hi there, I’m Juha Ekman. A few years ago, I started my online business selling online courses and digital products. Ever since then, I’ve been obsessed with learning, especially learning marketing, sales, and everything about passive income. It’s been quite a ride, and there has been a lot of ups and downs along the way. This is the site where I share everything I’ve learned.