5 Reasons Why Online Courses Are So Popular

5 Reasons Why Online Courses Are So Popular

It’s no wonder online courses are so popular these days and for a good reason.

Online courses enable you to study and learn from anywhere in the world. Online courses have a massive amount of information condensed to an easy to consume form. With online courses, you can also start studying the material right away and save time by doing so. The other point of view is that you can even start an online business based on selling the information you have in the form of online courses.

 For the reasons above, online courses are extremely popular and looking at the Google trend on online course searches for the last five years worldwide.


We can safely say that online courses are on the rise.

Online courses are so convenient and easy to use that almost anyone with an internet connection can enroll in an online course.

Next, we will look at the five reasons that make online courses so popular and also quickly cover why people create online courses for passive income.

  1. You can start learning right away
  2. You can study from anywhere
  3. They have a massive amount of information in a small package
  4. You can start an online business by selling knowledge
  5. You save time

Let’s dive in and see why you should consider taking an online course or creating one.

1. You can start learning right away

With online courses, you don’t have to wait for the lesson to begin. You don’t have to wait for days, months, or years to start learning.

You can just enroll in a course and start the learning experience right away. Being online, you only need internet access, and that’s all. 

When you are enrolling in a course, very often, you have full access to the whole material right away.

Example of an online course structure

The learning experience is best when the course has been structured in a way that makes sense to your learning. Consuming information in the right order is crucial.

An online course gives you the freedom to study whenever it’s the most suitable for you. 

You can also study at your own pace and decide how you want to progress through the material. This isn’t so in the traditional schooling system, where the class moves on when a topic has been covered.

With online courses, you decide the pace, and this makes the learning experience much more comfortable for you.

The learning starts from your own desire to learn, and that is the key to learning. It has to come from you.

Online courses make this possible as you are the one who is responsible for your learning.

2. You can study from anywhere

Online courses also enable you to study from anywhere. Online courses are not bound to geographical location. Online is online, and wherever you are online, you sign in to the course and study.

That is especially convenient when and if you are commuting for hours to work or a school. You can just open your laptop or mobile phone and start learning.

You are using the ‘waste’ time to your advantage. Many people just surf the web and aren’t too productive or developing themselves when they could.

So having an online course to go through is probably the best thing you can do with your spare time. And the best thing is you can do the studying in a cafe, library, in your bed anywhere, where you have access to the internet.

If you are going on a vacation and have a massive flight time ahead, and if it’s possible, do download the course material to your laptop and study while enjoying the flight.

The online course takes time and effort from your side so, it’s only your benefit to study when you have nothing else to do.

“Online courses are fantastic because you can study and learn new things anywhere and at any time.”

3. Online courses have a massive amount of information in a small package

Online courses are popular because they pack so much information accumulated over the years and condensed to a small, easy to consume package.

A single lesson can have years of experience and knowledge brought together in a form that is easy to understand and implement to your own life.

Instead of searching the knowledge yourself for years and connecting dots for years, you can just get yourself an online course on the topic and enjoy the years of knowledge right there and then.

Online courses are perfect when you want to get the latest and the most studied information for yourself at the click of a button.

If some topic you are interested in has an online course available and you don’t have the time to go and search for the information yourself. 

Get yourself an online course and get the insights, knowledge, and information someone else has gathered for years through experience and trial and error.

With online courses, you can avoid pitfalls and the headache of trial and error. While we learn the best from mistakes, sometimes it’s more convenient to get the information needed without trouble.

4. You can start an online business by selling knowledge

What is probably one of the most exciting things about online courses is that you can actually sell information, knowledge, and experience you have.

It’s the information that you already have, the knowledge and experience that you have until to this day. You can sell that, and that is possibly the biggest reason why online courses are so popular.

Online course example

An online course is made of modules and lessons, and those lessons can be your knowledge in a slideshow format. It’s that simple.

Of course, selling an online course online isn’t as easy as many like to say and think. While the basis for an online course is easy.

You just pour all of your experiences and knowledge to a PowerPoint slides and record that to a video and publish it online, and that’s it.

However, the reality is that selling an online course requires a lot from you. While the structure is as simple as I just described. The real effort that is required from you is pretty insane.

But the best part about online courses is the fact that you are teaching something you know and understand. Some struggle you overcame or something that changed you for life. And you want to share that experience with your audience through an online course.

Online course business is considered to be one of the most profitable business forms there is. You kind of create the course once and sell it forever.

But if you want to take it to the next level. You will improve your course continuously, making it the best of the best. That’s how it should be done.

5. You save time

The biggest benefit of online courses is that they save you time. You see, time is something you won’t get back, and that is why online courses are so popular. 

You save time by not waiting for access to content, you don’t wait to start studying. You don’t have to spend time finding and researching information. You save time in all aspects when it comes to studying. 

Online courses are perfect time savers, and whenever I can buy an online course for a certain topic that I struggle with, I will buy.

I will, however, be careful of what I buy. So when I finally do make a purchase decision, I know I will get what I paid for.

You only have so much time in your day and in your life. You shouldn’t waste it but use it with a thought.

I’m not saying that research is wrong. That is not the thing. Sometimes it’s more convenient to get a shortcut to the information you are looking for. I do search stuff online all the time, but whenever I see that the real information I need is locked behind a paywall. I will use my credit card to open the information for myself.

I save time and get to the core information I was looking for instantly. If anything, you should do research on what is the best online course for the topic you are interested in.

A final note

The popularity of online courses is not a coincidence. There’s an apparent reason for it, and it all comes down to convenience.

The ease of picking up an online course and getting in-depth information on a topic of your interest.

And that in-depth knowledge, experience, and information is the real reason for taking an online course.

Online courses offer you a shortcut and a way to get to your desired situation. They have condensed information and are usually crammed with awesome insights and knowledge that the creator has gathered over the years.

I’ve created an online course myself and have taken plenty of online courses in my life, and all of them have taken me a step further in my life. I don’t wonder at all why they are so popular. 

Juha Ekman

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